For business owners and marketers, holiday season is a great opportunity. You can use this season of food, festivities and friends to draw more customers to your business. And direct mail marketing can make your campaign more effective, more successful.

You may feel tempted to avoid direct mail because there are other means to reach your audience. Companies around the world are using social media, paid online advertising and most notably, email. Digital communication is not only quicker but also less costly.

But direct mail is not dead. In many ways, it is even more effective. Nobody can deny the beauty of a visually appealing printed letter. Customers still take direct mail more seriously. They are more likely to take action if they receive direct mail. If you have a bit of strategy, you brand will get the edge it needs. Here are a few ways to use direct mail marketing:

Send postcards

Do not bombard your customers with catalogues. Instead, just send direct mail postcards to them. Try your best to make those postcards personal, visually appealing and festive. If possible, avoid pre-printed text. If you have time to personalise the postcards, they will appeal to your customers far more than a generic message.

Send visually appealing direct mail

Design your direct mail in such a way that it draws attention of your clients. If it has, for example, a beautiful raised design, it will trigger the curiosity of your customers. The mail will stand out from the rest of the junk mail. With some creativity, you can make it distinctly noticeable, even if you have a low budget.

Use a mail house

There are several benefits of using a mail house. A good mail house can help you produce amazing direct mail because these professional mailing companies have deep knowledge about print, design and finish which can make be the difference between your mail strategy standing out from the next, for more information visit this page. They can save your time and money, and they do the job accurately. Mail houses have right equipment for automatic enclosing, poly-wrapping, litho printing and print finishing. Marketing agencies, CMOs and marketing agencies use professional mail houses.

 Use both direct mail and email

People take direct mail more seriously than email. If you send only email to your potential customers, you are not likely to receive many responses. So it is a good idea to mesh direct mail and email. This approach can help you reach more customers. Although people are always using digital devices, they become happy when they receive direct mail.

Maintain a balance between direct mail marketing and social media campaign

You can make your social medial campaign more successful by sending direct mail to your target audience. Use direct mail to let them know that you are going give out some prizes. Studies show that digital channels do not achieve as high open rates as direct mail. By sending direct mail, you can make your audience pay attention to your social media campaign.

Make the experience memorable

By adding a pack of spices or a small candy to your direct mail materials, you can make them memorable. Make your direct mail materials visually appealing. Make sure you do not include something that causes allergic reactions. If you include food or spices, make sure you use a protective package.

Combine direct mail with bulk SMS

Sending bulk SMS is a great way to reach your potential customers and inform them of any offers you may currently have. Once you have sent direct mail to your clients, what do you do now? Send 1 or 2 text messages to remind your customers that your company is going to have a sale, event, or have new products on offer. People are so connected with their phones these days which is why sending a bulk SMS or utilising other forms of mobile marketing is an effective strategy to grab your customers attention instantly, you can learn more here.

A direct mail campaign is powerful and cost-effective. But to reap the benefits, you need the right direct mail provider. Your provider should understand your mission, and the taste of your audience. If used in the right way, direct mail marketing can do wonders for your business.